Experience a taste of life on a traditional Irish Farm and partake in some typical and fun Irish Cultural activities.

Before we head on our farm adventure we will roll up our sleeves and make traditional Irish soda bread using our mother’s family recipe. When we return, our bread will be cooked all ready to star in our farm picnic.

Bodhrán Session

You will love to beat the Irish drum in time to the old rhythms.

Irish Dancing

Learn one of our favourite traditional dances … It gets everyone smiling!

Sheep Dog Demonstration

Meet our sheepdog who will gather the sheep and bring them up close to you.

Meet the Farm Animals

Cattle, hens, geese, pigs, Connemara ponies, goats and donkeys.

Farm Trail

Enjoy the fresh air as you ramble through the fields.

Farm Picnic*

Your visit will be completed with a seasonal picnic on the farm with locally sourced ingredients.


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