Located  only 10 minutes from the City Centre in a beautiful 18th Century townhouse, The Irish House Party is a truly unique experience in Dublin.

At last an Irish music and dance show that has come out of Ireland without the clichés that usually follow.  There are no flat caps, leprechauns or waistcoats here.

Instead you get four incredibly talented musicians and dancers who simply want to bring you the sound and fun of Ireland. All served up with a delicious three course dinner. (Be sure to try the Dublin Coddle!)

The whole point of this show is that there are no pretensions among this highly approachable and entertaining group. The live music and dancing is infectious and enters the psyche in seconds.

In fact, The Irish House Party was set up by local musicians who wanted visitors to experience what a real traditional Irish house party is like.

Ireland is alive with incredibly talented musicians and dancers.

In every county there are players who will, rather like these guys very earnestly play something utterly amazing for you. Not to look good but simply because the spirit of the  music is in them and to confine it would be impossible.

The Irish House Party is presented to you in a fun and humorous way in a beautiful 18th century Dublin townhouse. We look forward to meeting you.

Services Included:

Irish House party

Dinner and traditional music and dance night


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