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Become A Partner partner concept - more success for your group business

Who should be interested?

Our customers search for corporate events, MICE business and private group solutions. From a simple after-work event to meetings and top-class incentives.

We cater for every category and budget once we offer original and exciting ideas for events and accommodation. Hotels can present their conference and meeting room space, activity providers are found at the centre of all ideas and adventures. is for activity providers outdoors and indoors, attractions and museums,  accommodation providers, food&drink providers, caterers, musicians and entertainers, artists and actors, venue providers, sights and sightseeing tour providers, anything technical from AV to IP, trainers, transport companies, theatres and anything in between.

Why should you get onboard?

If you are booking corporate and private groups including:

  • Meetings
  • Incentives
  • Conferences
  • Events

then expect to be put in touch DIRECTLY with the customer reducing any third party communication to Zero.

The client has a one-stop-communication platform, the enquiries have structure and quality. We live collaboration based on a subscription model rather than commission.

Rising costs begin to bite, from Insurance to VAT, Labour and Water to Interest Rates and Compliance! Ireland is not a cheap destination and many corporate and private clients see alternatives in the sunny South or on the Mainland in Europe! Putting the various operators in direct contact with the client in Ireland and abroad connects customers without costly agents and commission-hungry agencies.

We offer a subscription-based model, no commission. If you have a few or many bookings throughout the year, the subscription remains the same. It starts at a very affordable price equivalent to two Pints and two packets of Crisps per month. Contact or call 01 699 4128 for more information.

We provide a transparent, precise and clear service without hidden charges or costs. A clear path to direct customer relationships.